poze sediment bruise gr warm up and closing by quaz

Sediment Bruise [GR] + warm up and closing by quaz

Satu-Mare , Satu Mare. Vineri 1 Noiembrie 2019 21:00
Backdoor PUB, str. Horea nr. 10

Categorii: Muzica si Concerte

O trupa unica, dupa care va mixa un artist care sa va transpuna in acele stiluri unice pe care le abordeaza baietii din Grecia, de neratat!

Opening and closing by quaz aka uncool mike

Sonic Youth, Massive Atack, Arcade Fire, Tool, Deus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs!, Pavement, Suede, Stone Roses, The Dandy Warhols...these are some of the influences of this awesome band from Thessaloniki, Greece

Upon the release of their 3rd studio album ‘In-Between’ by Ikaros Records, Sediment Bruise in cooperation with Northwest Hardcore Booking Branch, are putting up live shows in order to promote their record in Eastern EU.

To witness the 'Sediment Bruise experience', make sure to attend one of their gigs below:


26.10 Mitrovica (XK) @ Klub Krim

27.10 Sabac (SRB) @ Zepellin Club

28.10 Bucharest (RO) @ Underworld

29.10 Cluj Napoca (RO) @ ZIPP

30.10 Timisoara (RO) @ Reflektor

31.10 Budapest (HU) @ Edison Bar

1.11 Satu Mare (RO) @ Backdoor Pub

2.11 Lugoj (RO) @ Clubhouse Road Patrol MC

Mai multe detalii: https://www.facebook.com/events/1043903815802718/

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