poze smoker s delight john riley flow

Smoker's Delight ▲John Riley & Flow▲

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Sâmbătă 12 Martie 2016 22:00 - Duminică 13 Martie 2016
Str. Dianei, Nr. 4, 020972 Bucharest, Romania

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Riley and Flow will lead the ceremonies and give a proper smoking send off to one of our most beloved habits.

Let's say goodbye to indoor smoking in the last and grandest smog of our making!

The music will be crazy and the smoke even more so...

▲Follow the music as your eyes might not work properly in the misty atmosphere!
▲Dance like nobody is watching as they might already not be!
▲Rubbing up against people might be the only way to recognize them (although it might be frowned upon)!
▲If you want to flirt, just ask for cigarette. If it doesn't work - just light your own!
▲When in doubt, make some smoke and have some fun!

Mai multe detalii: https://www.facebook.com/events/1704485276496423/

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