poze empower thyself ini iere in coala misterelor r solomon
poze empower thyself ini iere in coala misterelor r solomon poze empower thyself ini iere in coala misterelor r solomon poze empower thyself ini iere in coala misterelor r solomon

Empower Thyself - Inițiere În ȘCOALA MISTERELOR - R. Solomon

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Marţi 23 Ianuarie 2024 10:00 - Miercuri 24 Ianuarie 2024
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Categorii: Conferinte si Seminarii

Numar min/max participanti: 10/25

În cele două zile legate de Inițiere se predau foarte multe elemente de cunoaștere inițiatică și se încheie cu o inițiere în sensul școlilor spirituale. O lucrare amplă energetic, cu deblocări, curățări, echilibrări și activări. Puterea lăuntrică și energia proprie vor fi de 10 ori mai mari după inițiere.

The Special Edition of Empower Thyself – so that 2024 will be a successful one, enjoying your life every moment!

Date: 23–24 January 2024
Time: 10:00 – 19:00 (end time may vary according to energetic dynamics)

Teacher: Roxana Ioana MAI – Accredited Guide at Modern Mystery School International & MMS UK & Europe

Language: English
Translation available on request

The Empower Thyself Program & Initiation is a comprehensive and intensive 2 days program that opens up the metaphysical mysteries of the universe in a practical way that can be applied to your daily life.

The ancient teachings to EMPOWER your life with the secrets of the sages that have been kept hidden throughout history.

The Empower Thyself Initiation enters you into the ancient and unbroken lineage of King Salomon and shares these teachings with you as they have been handed down from teacher to student for 3000 years.

Delivered with the highest educational standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism, topics of study include:

Day 1:
• What is Initiation?
• What is Ritual?
• King Solomon the wise
• The Human Potential
• The Dimensions of Existence
• Who/What is God?
• The Hierarchy of Light
• Meditation Journey – Part 1

Day 2:
• Influence of the Ego on the True Self
• The Cycle of Human Processes
• The Human energies
• The Powers of the Universe
• Qi, Ki, and Hara energies
• The Universal Kabbalah
• Meditation Journey – Part 2
Also Included:
• Initiation into the Lineage of King Solomon
• Ancient rituals for empowerment and protection
• Sanctuary Meditation technique

At the end of these 2 days, you will be living with 10 times greater empowerment to make the energetic and physical changes you need to reach your full potential.

During this workshop:
– You will learn about how your own energy systems work
– You will learn how the hierarchy of light and heaven is structured
– You will learn how to work with the archangels and angels to guide your life
– You will learn sacred tools in the form of rituals, meditations, and prayer to connect you with your higher self
– You will learn to work with energy to manifest the life you truly want to live

Benefits of the Empower Thyself Program and Initiation:
– 10 times more energy that you can direct toward manifesting your goals and dreams in life
– Greater awareness and connectivity to your own intuition and inner guidance
– Access to hidden secrets of the mysteries of the universe
– Unlocking of answers within yourself to questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here?
– Capability to grow your Chi and protect your own personal energy field
– Tools to work with Angels and Light beings for support in your life
– Permanent alignment of your personal willpower to flow in alignment with the will of God, Nature, and the Universe
– Creation of a foundation of positive Light energy for you to more easily handle challenges and obstacles in your life
– Ability to access further training, higher initiations, and deeper mystery teachings

„I feel honored & blessed to be able to be your Guide in the most transformational Journey I have ever experienced myself and all other initiates so far!” says Roxana Ioana MAI. „We’ll walk together on a path that many wise men of the past &present days have walked. Many of your questions from forever will receive answers, other questions that you never thought of before will arise. And all the tools that you will receive are to be used immediately in the day to day life, with significant outcome! Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have.”

Contribution -1500 euro that includes a session of Life Activation or Soul Retrieval, that are requested and suggested before the initiation.

How to register?
Contact your future Guide on maiacademyromania@gmail.com or text / WhatsApp to +4.0774-449991

Mai multe detalii: https://maiacademy.ro/event/special-edition-empower-thyself-initiere-in-scoala-misterelor-in-traditia-regelui-solomon-mms

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