poze hangover 2 4 7 with dani iosif
poze hangover 2 4 7 with dani iosif

Hangover 2 4 7 with DANI & IOSIF

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Sâmbătă 1 Aprilie 2017 22:00 - Duminică 2 Aprilie 2017
Str. Selimbar nr.1

Categorii: Cluburi si Discoteci , Muzica si Concerte , Petreceri

Numar min/max participanti: 100/190

Hangover 2 4 7 with DANI & IOSIF


That’s why every Saturday on Selimbar no.1 we throw a party like no other, a night full of dance, enthusiastic people, perfectly crafted drinks and a wide selection of great music carefully selected by our DJ’s.

Now it’s time to put on your fancy clothes because some nights we just want to get free while we are still young. So don’t you worry child, just walk to Uptown Funk #wherethecityneversleeps and we’ve got a feeling that you’re gonna have the time of your life but you don’t have to take our word for granted, come and see for yourself how we put “PARTY” and “REPEAT” in “PLAY PARTY REPEAT”


Saturday. 22:00 H. DANI & IOSIF
Dress code - smart casual
Free access for 21+

For table reservation and any other information you can call (+40)720620766

Table’s offer:
• Finlandia vodka + Prigat/True Energy – 180 lei
• Jack Daniel’s whisky + True Energy – 220 lei
• Bacardi rum + Pepsi – 200 lei
• Jagermeister + juice – 180 lei

Mai multe detalii: http://www.clubhangover.ro/

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